Soft Landing Language School

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Corporate Program

With a proven track record in client satisfaction as preferred supplier for international corporations we know what it takes to meet corporate clients' needs.

  • Flexible schedule: our teachers come to your office any time of day by appointment. We offer online sessions for students who travel extensively but want to maintain continuity in their learning routine.
  • Our invoicing and documentation systems make it very simple for your HR and accounts departments to keep track of classes and budgets. All administration will be handled by us.
  • We offer consistent quality control procedures and liaise effectively with your organisation.
  • No contracts: You do not commit to a certain time period nor amount of lessons – your employees come as long as you are happy with our service.
  • We tailor our programmes to your employees‘ learning style and adapt it to your company’s needs and administration requirements.
  • To supplement the regular lessons, we are pleased to offer a wide range of seminars and language events which provide profound insights into local and Swiss issues.

The "All in One" Package

Busy executives often find it difficult to put aside regular time slots for language lessons, but there is a solution: „Soft Landing - The Course!“ is a modular course which provides plenty of cultural and practical tips about life in Switzerland. Although run in English, the information is embedded into a basic German language course to help you better cope in everyday situations.

"Soft Landing - The Course" is an intercultural language course which focuses on cultural integration and includes a German survival course.

This program will enable your new employees and their spouses to cope with everyday life as quickly as possible - in terms of language as well as interculturally.

We will practice everyday situations (meeting people, restaurant scenarios, shopping for food, daily routines, asking for directions) and give plenty of cultural insights and local tips.

Our course books are embedded in Zug and Zürich - participants can apply language in relevant context. The books contain a self study guide in English so they can be easily used even after the course. The entire course will be held in English.

The course will be scheduled to your requirements and held at your premises.

  • no restriction in group size
  • Modular course (no problem if the participant misses one session)
  • Cope with German everyday situations
  • Learn handy Swiss German expressions
  • Get a head-start into German by showing how much you can already take over from your mother tongue.

Ensure your employees don’t just survive but thrive in their new home !

Workshops and Seminars

We offer seminars and workshops on different topics at our premises or in companies, associations and clubs (reference list available upon request). Check out the list of seminars and do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to design a program suitable to your specific needs.

Seminars are not only related to language but also to the country in which you now reside. Things probably work differently here than in the country you came from. The political system is different, the school system is flexible but not easy to understand, Swiss German sounds alien when you first hear it.

Available seminars:

  • Permits and Exams
  • World of Languages
  • The Glamour of German grammar
  • The Case Maze
  • The German time machine
  • The Magic of Prepositions
  • Decoding Swiss German