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Learning German

Explore a spectrum of German learning options, designed for every age and requirement!

About our group courses:

* Our German language groups are kept small, with 3 to 6 participants, ensuring everyone receives personal attention during lessons.

* Courses run in blocks of 5-7 weeks, fitting nicely between school holidays.

* We have a wide range of covering levels A1-C2 tailored for all ages and requirements including Swiss German, business German, CV and interview coaching, German at all levels for kids at school in Switzerland.

* If you've missed the start of a course you're interested in, just give us a call, and we'll do our best to fit you in.

Please remember, our schedule is fixed, and we don't offer refunds for missed sessions.

German courses for adults

German courses for children and teens

One-to-one Lessons

100% efficient

The fast and effective way to reach your goals
Your needs, your schedule, your flexibility

More for Kids & Teens

Exam preparation

Kids one

We prepare children & teenagers for all language exams from A1 to C2.

Be on the lookout for our exam preparation courses and plan early to ensure your child's success.

C1 for Swiss universities

Tutoring einzel

It pays to think ahead

If you think your children would like to study at a university in Switzerland, it pays to think ahead. Support your children by giving them enough time to get up to the necessary level in German so that they can pass the C1 exam, which is required for admission to Swiss universities, in due course and without unnecessary stress.

Private Tutoring

Kid one2

All subjects, Swiss and international schools

The focus lies completely on your child's needs and they are scheduled to match his or her schedule.

Online Learning

Connect with your teacher and don't miss any lessons.

Online Learning is available at all levels for both individual as well as group courses. Whether you are traveling for work or need to stay at home for some reason, we do not want you to miss your lesson. For individual and group lessons, your teacher will invite you and ensure you can participate in all activities in the virtual classroom.