Soft Landing Language School

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Fun and interactive seminars and workshops

We offer seminars and workshops on different topics at our premises or in companies, associations and clubs (reference list available upon request). Check out the list of seminars and do not hesitate to contact us – we will be happy to design a program suitable to your specific needs.

Seminars are not only related to language but also to the country in which you now reside. Things probably work differently here than in the country you came from. The political system is different, the school system is flexible but not easy to understand, Swiss German sounds alien when you first hear it.

Our Seminars

Decoding Swiss German

Decoding swiss german white neu

The similarities of German and Swiss German

Understanding better the Swiss culture and language in a fun way!

The World of Languages

World of languages white neu

Use your mother tongue as a source for German

In a quest to help you learn German more easily this Soft Landing seminar explains the similarities between various European languages and how to use this knowledge to boost your German.

Glamour of Grammar


Don’t let grammar get in the way when learning German!

German grammar can be summarized on 18 simple, catchy and memorable charts. We take away the complexity of grammar.

Permits & Exams

Kombi exam white neu

B-permit, C-permit, Swiss citizenship

Find out what you need for B-permit, C-permit and Swiss citizenship, who is eligible and when.

German Time Machine

Time machine white

Getting by with only two tenses

After making a soft landing in Switzerland there is no need to navigate through a jungle of tenses to start speaking German.

The Case-Maze

Case Maze neu

The mysterious "CASE" of German Grammar

Let us explain the „Kasussystem“ – the system of grammatical cases.

Magic of Prepositions

Prepositions church

... or should we rather talk about the anarchy of prepositions?

Prepositions can give you as much headache as fun