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German Book club for adults: Level B1/2

The group meets every other month to discuss a book and engage in conversations covering a broad spectrum of topics inspired by the books, supplemented with linguistic and cultural insights including applied grammar and idiomatic expressions. It's an interactive language exchange aimed at supporting and reinforcing language learning. Each session is available for individual booking. The books studied by this group are from Klett Verlag's series called "Wer ist eigentlich …?" Each book highlights notable figures from science, politics, culture, and society. Every volume includes informative texts exploring their biography, achievements, and relevance to contemporary issues. Featuring various text formats, charts, and diagrams, readers gain comprehensive insights. This course also provides word explanations, comprehension exercises, and online solutions for enhanced learning. Additionally, you'll receive invitations to join WhatsApp and Facebook groups for supplementary content.

E34 German Book club for adults: Level B1/2

Start / End March 07 • May 23 • September 12 • November 21
Weekdays Thursday
Time 13:30 - 15:00
Price & Sessions Free of charge for Softlanding students, CHF 25.00 per session for external students
Level B1.2
The book need to be purchased by each participant.
June - September 2024: Wer ist eigentlich Robert Bosch?
ISBN 978-3-12-674225-2
Publishing date 18.08.2023
Publisher Klett Sprachen GmbH
Language German

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