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Focused exam preparation, catching up on missed subject areas, special projects, regular support in all subjects (Humanities, Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English) from grade 1 to 10. 11-12 grades: Professional support on various AP , AL and IB subjects

Our qualified and motivated tutors not only teach and support your child, but also strive to ensure that measurable success leads to increased motivation and the fulfillment of learning potential.

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Individual lessons

Focus, schedule, flexibility 100% efficient

Work with qualified teachers to help your child achieve his/her goals. No matter which subject area your child struggles with, we have the expertise to guide them towards a successful result.

Time and place are scheduled individually.

Exam revision courses

Small groups with attention to specific needs and areas of concern.

So, what will they do in our courses which they cannot do by themselves at home?

Reviewing content is important and so is practicing past paper questions.

Our teachers will provide your child with the tools to tackle those questions and show approaches which will enable them to demonstrate knowledge to the full extent.

Your child will learn how to apply and transfer this knowledge.

Your child will find out what exactly is expected by the examiners and which specific knowledge and skill set is being tested through any given question.

Your child will hone his/her time-management during the exam and get practical tips on working under exam conditions.

Your child will learn the strategies necessary to fulfill his/her potential and display their knowledge to full advantage during the exam.

C1 for Swiss Universities

General information:

Our exam preparation courses focus solely on exam preparation and therefore require previous knowledge. If your child has previously completed a course of the respective level, they can proceed to an exam preparation course.

In case your child is not yet at the necessary level, please let us know, so that we can find the best solution.

Stories of success

C1 for Swiss Universities



To study at ETH, I had to pass a C1 certificate with 80%. When I decided that I wanted to study at ETH, my German was very poor. Harry supported me for a year with an intensive programme, so that in t...


I have only good words to say about Softlanding. Within 2 years of starting to learn German with Softlanding, I was able to pass the B2 and then the C1 Goethe exam and eventually start studying biomed...


My experience with Soft Landing is a very positive one. I am glad to have worked with them in preparation for my C1 German exam, which I passed with flying colours thanks to their classes which really...


Harry was so incredibly helpful in achieving my C1 German certificate in no time - almost doubling my score in speaking and writing! A very friendly, patient and strategic approach, adapting lessons t...