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A child can achieve anything! Ensure your child has the support needed to fullfill his or her potential.

Homework Clubs - German Maths NMG & English

Our Homework Club is designed to support expat schoolchildren and their families. Our teachers have many years of experience with Swiss school programmes, subjects and requirements.

This pilot club is aimed at children in grade 3 and 4 and will run from 30 October to before Christmas.

Our learning to learn mission is to help students by helping them to:
* understand their assigned tasks
* organise their homework
* make study efficient and effective
* get the most out of their school experience.
The teachers are versed in all primary school subjects: German, NMG, English and Maths and can give tips and help with homework or preparing for tests.

Should your child be in a different grade, and you know they would benefit from a homework club, please write to us! With enough enquiries we will start more clubs at different levels.

Fit for Gymi

Is your child in the 4th, 5th or 6th grade of the local primary school and is it your goal for them to transfer to the Gymnasium?

Our speciality is to help your child achieve this goal. No matter what subject they are struggling in, we have the expertise to guide them to a successful outcome.

Gymi - Tutoring

Your child has made it!

After your son or daughter enters the Gymi, the work doesn't stop. Many children drop out because of the pressure and high demands. Don't wait until that happens!

Regular support prevents frustration and failure.


Exam preparation with qualified teachers to help your child succeed.

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Kati & Attila

We have been living in Canton Zug for the past 12 years with our family and ever since Harry and Softlanding have been integral part of our lives supporting us with successful integration and making S...