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Overview: Tutoring Academy and Homework clubs

Both for the international and for the Swiss public school we offer everything from focused exam preparation, accompanying lessons on particular projects or catching up on missed or lagging subject areas as well as regular support. For pupils of the Swiss public school we also have group lessons to help your children understanding the tasks, doing their homeworks and organize their week. Learning to learn. Have a look at our offer for Homework Clubs!


Our qualified and motivated tutors not only teach and support your child, but also strive to ensure that measurable success leads to increased motivation and the fulfilment of learning potential.

More subjects available upon request.

Time and place are scheduled individually.

Make an appointment

Let us know your needs and we will find a solution.

Gymi Preparation

Because of the highly restrictive quota, getting your child into the Swiss Gymi and keeping them there can be challenging

Our tutors base their teaching on their knowledge of the Swiss curriculum. Knowing what skills a child needs at what point is the basis of their teaching. They work with your child to achieve the best possible outcome.

Exam Preparation

We will support your child for, IB, AP Matura or any special school project.

Exam preparation for all language certificates A1 - C2.