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Soft Landing

Our Philosophy

Language learning should be fun! Because only by enjoying a language can students be successful at it. And being successful makes learning more fun!

We don't limit learning to the classroom! In addition to our language courses and events, we have a variety of easy-to-use, interactive learning tools to help you practice what you learn in class and give you a head start in German or Swiss German.

We don't want you to just get by, we want you to succeed in your new language and feel at home in your new environment. We ease you into the local community so you can take advantage of all Switzerland has to offer while gaining an understanding of the culture, the people and the way things work here.

We teach intelligently! We take into account the language(s) a student already knows and show students how to improve their language skills by using the connections between languages.


With 37 years of teaching experience, in-house materials development, in-house teacher training and an outstanding track record, we deliver efficient and personalised service.


37 years experience


20 Languages & Subjects


40 Trainers & Teachers


100% Satisfied Customers & Students

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